Wednesday, September 28, 2016

5 Korean Products to Try This Summer

With the sweltering weather, it sometimes becomes a tedious task to put on so many products in your face because, almost always, they melt off the moment you get out of the house. But, like me, I know going out of the house looking like the last time you slept was last week is simply not an option. Here are some items that might just come in handy for a fresh-looking face that’s guaranteed to brave the summer heat.

1. Tony Moly’s Aqua Aura Cooling Cushion Cream

While cushion pacts are all the rave recently, there’s just nothing better than having this multiple-beauty-needs hybrid that promises to lower your skin’s temperature in your arsenal. This CC cream has a built-in sponge to make application a breeze and it’s a mist, cooling cushion, whitening and anti-aging cream, foundation, and primer in one bottle! And yes, it even has SPF 50 and gives you that moisturized, dewy glow. Do you really need anything else besides this?
2. Etude House Sunprise Mild Watery Light

Nothing’s worse than having to blend thick, white sunscreen on your skin when you’re running late in the morning. But you just can’t skip putting it on and this just might be the thing for you because it dries pretty easily. It’s a milky liquid formula that sits on the skin fast, leaving you with SPF 50 without the heavy and greasy feeling. You don’t ever have to worry about walking around all sticky with sunscreen again.

3. The Face Shop My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint

In times when you need a lip product and you’re just not feeling the lipstick moment, lip tints are the way to go. This lip tint not only does not budge easily, it’s quite easier to apply properly because it has a jelly-like liquid (jelly-quid, if it were a word) formula, giving you enough time to put it on properly before it dries. Did I mention it looks gorgeous on the cheeks, too?

4. Clio Waterproof Pen Liner

On-fleek cat eyes during the summer? Not a problem with this budge-proof cult favourite from Clio. You can now sport lined eyes without having to worry that you’d look like a raccoon after sweating profusely. Whether you choose Kill Black, Kill Navy, or Kill Brown, I’m pretty sure you’d kill it with a perfect winged liner during the summer using this.

5. Witch’s Pouch Easy Drawing Gel Eyebrow

Are you one of those people who end up with one good eyebrow after a day outside? I feel you and reckon that you use this as well. This eyebrow product is compact, with an angled synthetic brush on one end and a slim pot of brow gel on the other, yet slim so it’s easy to lug around. The pigmentation is perfect for eyebrow coloring as well. It doesn’t come off easily so you’re assured to have two perfectly colored eyebrows even after a hot day.
The summer heat really has nothing on beauty lovers who love to prep up even on a hot day. You just have to find the sunproof, budge-proof, sweat proof, all proof items that would work for you.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Liebster Award :)

     Hi guys! As you might have noticed, my blog has recently been on a “dormant” mode. Something that can’t be helped unfortunately due to my I-don’t-know-when-to-sleep sort of schedule. Anyways. Rest assured, I’d still try to squeeze in an entry or two every once in a while and I hope to get back on regular blogging before all my newly acquired stuff expire before I get to review them :P

     Anyhow. While I was going through my blog drafts, I noticed a tag/nomination for an award that I never got to postttttttttttt. (Lame *points to self*) So even though it’s a year late (So sorry Katey and thank you soooo much for tagging me)

* I grabbed these Liebster award details from Katey’s entry.

What is the Liebster Award?
     Liebster Blog award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is a German word meaning dearest. A word synonymous to kindest, sweetest, nicest and endearing.


    1.    Post 11 things about yourself
    2.    You must answer 11 questions the tagger has set for you
    3.    Create 11 more questions to ask bloggers you tagged
    4.    Choose 11 bloggers to tag with less than 200 followers
    5.    Inform the lucky bloggers
    6.    No tag backs, okay? :)

11 Things You Should Probably Know About Charlie:

    1. I have a weird inclination/attraction to the colour orange. Although I know in my head that black is my favourite color, most of my stuff are orange.

    2. I am absolutely addicted to Korean dramas (and Korea, and Korean stuff). Because I watch too many dramas in one go, I keep an Excel file so I know which episode of which series I’m watching.

    3. I like walking barefoot (much to my mother’s dismay)

    4. I recently got into baking so basically our refrigerator has become a cool box of tester frostings

    5. I love Demi Lovato (and her music) so much that a good friend of mine actually calls me Demi

    6. I used to say Dang Flammit quite a lot due to Hannah Montana marathons
    7. I absolutely love action and suspense films
    8. I like to pull my ears when I get stressed out

    9.  Most of the songs in my music player are very sad. I actually have a song “A Sad Love Song” sooo… :P

    10. I like reassembling my necklaces. Most of the time because they get all tied up, but sometimes just because.

    11. I like to drink tea before going to bed

The Questions I Need to Answer:

1. Sun or Rain?
        Rain. Even though it’s so damn hard to get home when it rains.
2. Lip balm or Lipstick?
        LIp balm.
3. Bags or Shoes?
4. Red or Pink?
5. Coffee or Tea?
        Both :P    
6. Books or Movies?
        I love them both equally :P
7. Day or Night?
        That depends. Is it a weekday or a weekend? :P
8. Boy next door or Hunk?
        Boy next door
9. Shorts or Skirt?
10. Blog or Youtube?
11. Suspense/Thriller movie or Rom-Com/chick flick movie?
        Suspense/Thriller movie

11 Questions that I Need You to Answer:

1. Cool nickname for yourself?

2. Lipstick or Tint?

3. Favorite makeup trend?

4. Favorite expression?

5. Life principle you hold on to?

6. If you were given the chance to concoct your own perfume, what would you name it and what would it smell like?

7.  Mannerism/s?

8. Comfort food?

9. Favorite TV show/s ? (and I need to know why :P)

10. Guilty pleasure?

11. Fashion trend you would NEVER EVER EVER (infinity) follow?

I Nominate:

Queen of Vanity
Everything About Bella

That's it! By the way, if you have come across this post and you qualify based on the rules, then consider yourself nominated and please comment below with the link of your post.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Certified Movie Buff: Veronica Mars The Movie

Hi guys. I have something to confess. I'm actually a marshmallow. Not that I'm mushy or anything. Just a really big fan of Veronica Mars. I was actually one of the many who became so devastated to the point of insanity when the show got cancelled in 2007. Although the main story arc of the show was solved, there were still a few bits and pieces left unanswered.

So when I heard that they were doing a movie to slightly heal all of the marshmallow's hearts, I was so happy. Although I know deep down that an hour of Veronica, Logan, Mac, Wallace, and all the other characters in the same screen again after a few years won't suffice, I was glad to get to see them again, and this time in a movie. :D   
 How the Veronica Mars movie came to be was quite a thrill. It was the product of all the fans' love for the show. The show actually got funded through the crowd funding service Kickstarter. I think they even went over their actual goal. 

Plot-wise, I think it was a movie that is special to those who actually followed the series. It was a simple case with complicated people that Veronica knows in the mix. I can't really vouch for other people who haven't seen the show to like it and appreciate it the way they could have if they have seen the TV series. The thrill of Veronica (Kristen Bell) coming back to sleuthing. Seeing Logan (Jason Dohring) donning a navy? uniform made me laugh and even nostalgic since he never seemed the type. The reunion of the three-some Wallace (Percy Daggs III), Mac (Tina Majorino), and Veronica brought tears to my eyes. But it was Weevil, the resident badboy of the show, who really brought home the cool in this movie.

Overall, it was a fun film to watch. Not much plot to ponder on but the joy of seeing all of these characters again on the big screen made it so worthy to watch.

So yes. I am and forever will be...a marshmallow.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Food Talk: Sakae Sushi

Hey guys! It's been quite a while. I missed my blog. And I missed blog hopping. I've been really too busy during the past few months. And I'll even be busier, if that's even possible, in a few weeks. Read: office sleepovers are awesome. :P

Anyway, while waiting for my new K-drama to finish downloading, I figured I'll squeeze in writing an entry or two.

My dongsaeng is a big fan of foodstops with conveyor belts. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot in the country and definitely none near our place. When we saw the colored plates on a belt in Sakae Sushi in MOA, we knew that we couldn't just not go back and try their dishes out. Especially their Eat-All-You-Can Sushi promo.

The promo is 399 Php for adults (199 for kids I think) and that comes with your choice of either hot or cold refillable green tea and a serving of miso soup.

The Verdict:
     Taste-wise, most of the sushi dishes were run-of-the-mill-- some hit the good taste spot, while others, quite forgetful. I did love the onion rings (sort of) though. It was tasty but on our next visit, it wasn't available anymore. I hope they kept it in the menu though.
The good thing about the place is that you can ask the servers about the products that will come out running on the conveyor belt, like those shrimps. Just so you can look forward to the whole grab the plate thing. The only thing you probably need to be worried about is that their sushi dishes are mostly rice heavy so you'd easily feel full. Just try to work through it. :) And don't order a bowl of ramen when you've decided with the buffet. Let's just say I learned my lesson as I wanted to crawl out of the resto. 

       They also have the price card there on the table (for those who want their sushi dishes ala carte) which I suggest you make good use of when you avail the sushi-all-you-can. You can basically see and compute if you have eaten your money's worth. The green tea was superb. It helps cleanse your palate so you can get ready for the next plate you'll be grabbing. The soup was nice, too.

      If you're not into the whole sushi buffet, they also have a decent menu. Prices are a little steep but given the taste of the ramen, I'd say you're in for a treat.

Dining at Sakae Sushi was definitely a fun experience. Nothing beats trying to grab your choice of sushi before it reaches the other tables. Just remember to leave a lot of room when you decide to try out their sushi galore. Don't say I didn't warn you. :D

Sakae Sushi is at the 2nd floor, Main Mall of SM Mall of Asia.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

January-February 2014 Hit Listers: Hallyu

Hi guys! It's been a long long while. I'm sorry for not being able to update this blog as often as I used to. I can't believe I missed two hit listers already! Anyway, to try and make up for my, well, inability to post on-time hit listers, I'll try to piece everything in with a few separate entries.

And of course I'll start with my dramas. :P

These past three months have really been interesting to me, drama-wise. The dramas I follow are usually up to my neck that I don't know how to squeeze everything in with the little free time I have. Thank God and genius people for TV-ish phones. 

I sort of strayed from my usual K-drama channels like MBC and SBS and actually started watching something from Chosun TV, which is actually a pretty good drama. It's a less known channel (apparently) but the drama I'm following is daebak.

Anyhoo, since I missed two months (and I'm hoping it won't be three) here's the two awesome dramas that really made me happy.
 The Suspicious Housekeeper - I last watched Choi Ji Woo in Stairway to Heaven and I remember that the show was so damn dramatic that all that got stuck in my head is the crying. I didn't quite give her a chance in Can't Lose since I wasn't quite sure how'd she'd fare in the "comedy" department but seeing how she transformed in The Suspicious Housekeeper, I might just give her other shows a whirl.

The Suspicious Housekeeper is a remake of the hit Japanese show, I am Mita, Your Housekeeper. Choi Ji Woo plays the stoic Housekeeper, Bok Nyeo who does everything she's told, without much questions. I mean she does ask things, just not your usual questions. For example, and this is a spoiler so don't read anymore if you can't take it. Soo Gyul, the eldest son, asked her to blow up their neighbor's house. Her question: Where do you keep the dynamite. Pretty whacky and witty. She actually reminded me a little of Nanny McPhee. I mean that film was a little weird, but this show is a little weirder.

She has quite a backstory that would keep you glued to your seats and want to watch more episodes. The growth of acceptance and love throughout the show was just so heartwarming that I actually cried as I watched the last episode. Choi Ji Woo just does a great job of being an  expressionless yet very warm character.

Definitely not your usual drama, not that predictable, and incredibly funny. At times when Bok Nyeo's not being creepy.
 Bride of the Century - When it was announced that idol group FT Island's Lee Hong Ki is the male lead for a K-drama, all hell broke loose. Fangirls screamed. Including me. Kidding. But seriously though. One of the most awaited moments of fans is to see their idol as the lead of a show. I'll always remember Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy, but I think I'll remember him more now as Choi Kang Ju.

Bride of the Century is basically about a family curse that kills the first bride of the heir. What's so interesting about this show is that it feels like a smorgasbord of every cliche known to dramas -- like accidents and kidnapping and the evil parents and the makeovers and believe me, a whole lot more. The show still have 4 episodes to go and the story is progressing quite nicely. Still full of drama cliches but they're nicely woven and incorporated to the whole curse arc that they don't destroy the story.

As for the acting, I commend Lee Hong Ki. He's actually good. And I've seen bad acting, like really bad acting, so I'd know. Yang JIn-sung, who plays both Yi Kyung (the bad one) and Doo Rim (the good one), is also worth mentioning. I think I've watched her somewhere but I can't quite remember. Anyway, she is really a great actress, at least seeing her role, well roles, in BoTC. It's not easy to play a role much more two completely different roles in one show. And she does such a great job that fans are both hating her and loving her (that is, hating Yi Kyung and cheering on Doo Rim).

So that's it. Do check this dramas out if you find the time or if you find any of these two interesting. Cheerio!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tony Moly Double Needs Mascara in Brown

Hi. This is just going to be a quick entry since I'm barely awake. ^^ One of the items in the make up loot bag my friend (Thanks Nickkybels :P) gave me is this Double Needs Mascara from Tony Moly. I was actually pretty stoked because I love brown mascaras just as much as black ones. They work perfectly with soft smokey eyes.

1. Multi-purpose! I actually have no clue as to its "double needs" capability but I'm taking a guess that it means it can be used for like, two things? :P You can use this as a brow mascara, a typical mascara, and even an eyeliner.

2. Although it has quite some metallic sheen to it, it actually works well for the brows. My mom has pretty non-existent, light-colored brows and this looks natural on her.

3. Long lasting. I wear this as an eyeliner (just grab that eyeliner brush and go for it) and it stays on the whole day.

4. The mascara wand separates the eyelashes well.

Cons (Well, con?):
It lasts long but it's not waterproof.

I can't vouch for the affordability of this mascara but I think Tony Moly's mascaras range from 350 to about 400+, so I'm guessing this mascara is also along that price range.

This is a pretty neat mascara to try if you would want to soften your look. The pigmentation is not that strong and the color is not that dark so it works well.

Have you tried any of Tony Moly's mascaras? Lemme know. Cheerio!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Certified Movie Buff: The Cat

Hey guys! It's been a while since I posted a movie review.It's been really busy that I usually just plop right onto my bed the minute I get home. :p But I have squeezed in taking a few new pictures of some of the products that I haven't reviewed yet over the weekend so, I hope, fingers crossed and everything, that I'd get a day off and do a review.

Anyhoo. You remember that time when I really got into watching all those subtitled films? Well, this was also one of those films that I gave a whirl. I actually just picked it up because I saw Park Min-young on the CD cover *fangirling*. :P

The Cat tells the story of the reclusive So Yeon, a pet groomer who became entangled with the twisted story of the creepy creepy creepy cat, Bidanyi, whose owner suddenly ended up dead inside an elevator. (See? This is why I hate elevators with those creepy blinking freaky lights, which we have by the know, where I work). When she ended up having to "cat-sit" Bidanyi, the claustrophobic So Yeon starts seeing weird ghostly stuff and the little girl with the cat-like eyes. Together with a rookie cop, So Yeon starts to dig around about the story of the girl and the scary dead-ish cats (aside from Bidanyi) following her around--before, of course, everyone around her turns up dead.

Okaaay. That was way creepier than I expected and I hope I didn't spoil the flick for you. Do check out The Cat when you come across a copy. It's not the strongest and scariest Asian horror film that I've watched (given that I had a good night sleep after watching this) but it does give you a little fright that might make you, you know, take a step back and rewire your brain before touching kitties.